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    More than 38 years ago, two brothers came to the North Woods for summer jobs.  They came from a strong Italian community in Chicago where pizza was the staple at home and at college.

    Since there were no pizzerias in the area, the brothers realized a great opportunity existed, and opened their own pizzeria in Eagle River.

    Sources say the locals at the time looked down at them jaundice-eyed and called them brash boys from “Chitown.”  But now the pizzeria has become a landmark.

    Today, customers come from all over the country to try the best pizza in the area.

    Even celebrities have visited Alexander’s on occasion, including professional football players; head coaches from the NFL, NBA and NCAA; hockey players; movie stars; movie critics; national sports commentators; leaders of U.S. industries; newscasters; and authors.  A visiting film critic even gave Alexander’s a “thumbs up.”

    Even though the business opened many years ago, one thing remains the same – the traditional method of making pizza at Alexander’s.

    The pizza is made the was Grandma Del Cristo said – use the best to make the best.

    The ingredients used are only the best, which is stressed by the owners.  The cheese is 100% full-cream mozzarella, which is straight from the most award-winning dairy in Wisconsin, along with 9-month-ages Romano.

    The soul of a pizza is the crust, which is made with high-gluten flour.  Adding flavor to the pizza is the thick, rich sauce that is made from tomato puree from pear tomatoes – the meatiest of tomatoes.

    The meat also is very lean, at 90% lean meat, with no soy fillers.

    For the more adventurous pizza connoisseurs, Alexander’s offers broccoli, shrimp, albacore and pineapple to create original gourmet pizzas.

    Dinners also can try a delicious oven-roasted cheese bread appetizer – one-half loaf of freshly baked French bread, basted with butter, seasoned with garlic and aged Romano, covered with mozzarella, roasted to a honey-golden brown and, finally, lightly sprinkled with oregano.

Alexander’s brings tradition to your table

    As one would say in Italian, “Si mangia sempre bene!” (one always eats well!).

    Employees at Alexander’s Pizza have come from various cities and countries around the globe.

    Exchange-student employees from Hungary, England, Spain, Scotland, Lithuania, Jamaica, Poland, Belarus and the Czech Republic have made the trip across the Atlantic to work at Alexander’s Pizza.

    Alexander’s success is due to the quality put into each pizza.  The dough is homemade and triple raised and the crusts are rolled with care.  The delicious taste of fresh butter is in every bite of crust as well.

    Although the brothers have experimented with high-tech, cost- and labor-saving methods, the pizza-making method at Alexander’s remains traditional.  At Alexander’s, the pizza is cooked on a 150-pound stone deck.

    Pizza is not the only item on the menu made with care.  Savory sandwiches are made to order with toasted French bread, creamy mozzarella, California tomato sauce and a choice of ham, Italian sausage or meatballs, and any pizza toppings.

    To entertain all ages, Alexander’s has a full assortment of arcade games, such as pinball machines, video games and several pool and foosball tables.  It’s a great place to host birthday parties for all ages.

    Alexander’s Pizza, housed in a turn-of-the-century remodeled building, is located in downtown Eagle River on Railroad Street.

    Parking is available across the street.  Customers can dine in or carry out, and can call ahead of time to have the pizza ready when they arrive.

    To enjoy the “best pizza in the North,” call (715) 479-7363.

Hours & Location

Summer 6/30 to 8/20

Open Everyday
11:30am - 10:00pm

Regular Hours

4:00pm - 9:30pm

211 Railroad Street
Eagle River, WI 54521
Downtown between the stop lights

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