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    What makes a great pizza?  Tradition.  The old ways still work, and all good cooking starts with the basics.

    Quality food starts with the ingredients.  Only the finest ingredients should be used, starting from the bottom up, to ensure satisfied customers who come back time after time for the best pizza around.

    The first ingredient for any pizza is dough.  It should be made with flour that is high gluten, the highest quality flour, Amber Durham wheat – the finest of all wheats, cane sugar and only the best yeast.  It must be made fresh, never frozen.  The dough should then be thrice raised, which takes 36 hours.  This ensures the best dough possible.

    Pear tomato puree is the main ingredient for the next layer, the sauce.  Pear tomatoes are one of the best on the market because they contain the maximum of tomato solids.  The best of domestic and imported spices would then be blended to create a uniquely superb sauce with a savory taste.

    In Wisconsin, cheese is a very important ingredient for pizza.  All the cheese used should be 100% Wisconsin full cream mozzarella, without one gram of artificial cheese, for the fullest flavor.

    A superb pizza also contains the best meat.  The sausage should be 100% meat, 90% lean whole hog, blended with the finest spices for a delectable taste sure to please even the most discriminating of palates.

    The pepperoni should be 100% meat, 90% lean, aged to perfection to enhance the flavor, sure to please all pepperoni lovers.

    Other toppings available must also be high quality.  Only the best onions should be used, including Vadalia, Walla Walla, Texas 10/15, and sweet red Bermuda onions.  These create a mouthwatering addition to any pizza.

What makes a great-tasting pizza every time?

    Green peppers must be mixed slightly with the sweetest red bell peppers for an appetizing way to liven up a pizza.

    California black olives also add a savory taste.

    For a wild appetite, sweet succulent pineapple, crispy vitamin-rich broccoli, tender flaky solid white albacore, or luscious shrimp could be added.

    At Alexander’s Pizza, these basics have created a tradition of quality food, which has made the restaurant the most popular pizza shop for residents and vacationers alike.

    In addition, when all the ingredients are being artfully combined, nobody wants to think of a dirty kitchen or unsanitary conditions.  But never fear, for Alexander’s Pizza has the cleanest kitchen you’ll find.  In fact, it would even be clean enough to perform surgery.

    Of course, an aesthetically pleasing environment is also needed to enjoy the full pleasure of eating delicious pizza.  Alexander’s Pizza offers a clean, relaxing environment with friendly service and a casual atmosphere.

    Games and pool are also available to entertain the kids while the food is being prepared to order.

    Where do you get pizza made with care and concern?  Alexander’s Pizza – that’s where.  Alexander’s Pizza is located on Railroad Street in downtown Eagle River.

    Call (715) 479-7363, and your pizza will be ready when you arrive.

    Alexander’s Pizza is the place for you.

    For great pizza in Minocqua, call (715) 356-2628.

Hours & Location

Summer 6/30 to 8/20

Open Everyday
11:30am - 10:00pm

Regular Hours

4:00pm - 9:30pm

211 Railroad Street
Eagle River, WI 54521
Downtown between the stop lights

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